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Cat Bangles – Getting Ass in the VIP Room


It’s Saturday night. None of your bros want to go out and have a beer or two. So now what? Sit home and watch television? Or should you go out and look at some big tits at that club you’ve been meaning to check out? There’s a cocktail server named Cat Bangles you’ve heard about. She has the biggest breasts in town. All naturals, too.

You go there and find out that the place is quiet. But Cat hasn’t gone home, and she is still serving. And everything you’ve heard about her is 100% true. She ought to be in Voluptuous magazine. This girl is covergirl stuff. She’s a real teaser and she eye-bangs you the second you walk in.

Cat seems to have taken a liking to you. And she’s been horny for a hot cat daddy. She’s picked your hard dick to play with. And her ass is open wide for you, too. This is your super-lucky day. All men want to bang this hot kitty. Step up to a new level of fucking experience with the Bostonian bra-buster! She’ll let you cum in her asshole, too.

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Date: January 11, 2024
Models: Cat Bangles