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Lexi Lix – Lexi Lix: anal and ATM


Lexi Lix, a 52-year-old divorcee and mom, has just finished cumming on her own, but she wants more. She has a butt plug stuffed inside of her, but still she says, “Oh, I want that cock in my ass.” Meaning a real cock.

Fortunately for Lexi, there’s a real cock in the vicinity. It belongs to Milan, who’s easily young enough to be her son, and he shows up ready for action. First he eats Lexi’s pussy, then he fucks her mouth, cunt and ass. See how Lexi’s pussy gapes when her ass is getting fucked. See how she sucks her ass off of Milan’s cock. He finally shoots his load in her butthole, and Lexi is sexually sated…at least for a little while.

AnalQTs: You’re really into anal sex, aren’t you?

Lexi: Yes, definitely!

AnalQTs: And younger men?

Lexi: Yes. I have had sex with guys half my age. They tend to like older women because we are open to do more sexual things. It’s so hot and they are so sexy. I loved Milan!

AnalQTs: Have you ever had sex with a woman?

Lexi: Yes, many times.

AnalQTs: What gets you off best?

Lexi: Being properly dominated and aggressively handled. I like being told what to do.

AnalQTs: Do you like to be watched?

Lexi: Yes. It’s fun knowing others are enjoying the show.

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Date: March 4, 2024
Models: Lexi Lix