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Torri Lee – Torri’s anal adventure


“I’m pretty conservative to people I know except for people in the lifestyle,” said Torri Lee, a 51-year-old mom who lives in South Florida. “Maybe some people I know wouldn’t be shocked, but most people would be surprised to see me here doing this.”

One person who wouldn’t be shocked: the 24-year-old repairman who fucked her a few years ago.

“He came to my house to fix the AC, and we were talking, and he had this little tattooed wedding band on his hand, and I was complimenting him on it, and he mentioned that he no longer needed that tattooed wedding band,” Torri said. “It segued into, ‘So, how long have you not needed that wedding band?’ and trying to make a little flirtatious invite to let him know I was interested.

“So when he was finished doing the repair, he handed me the receipt, and my phone number was on it, so I said to him, ‘If you ever want to contact me, there’s my phone number.’ So at the end of his shift for the day, there was a knock on my door, and there he was and there he came!”

We asked Torri about the best way to get her off, and she said, “Oral sex. Just eat my pussy and I’m a happy girl. Or you can eat my pussy and I can suck your cock at the same time. I love oral sex.”

This video, Torri’s first at, opens with a brief interview, but Torri gets to the action pretty quickly. She sucks Tony’s cock. He face-fucks her. Notice the humming noises she makes when she has a dick stuffed in her mouth. One other thing about Torri: She has nice, meaty pussy lips. Tony fucks that pussy, then he sticks his dick deep in her ass. Judging by her moans, Torri is really enjoying herself. Tony’s enjoying himself, too. We know that because he shoots a huge load into Torri’s wide-open mouth. But Torri doesn’t catch it all, so it drips down her chin and onto her tits.

Big tits, by the way.

A tight ass, too. Tony told us so.

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Date: January 18, 2024
Models: Torri Lee